How could dieting be so expensive?!

Yes, you have gained weight, you started to have buddha belly, for sure you will decide to go on a very strict diet. You will start to eat less. But why is it too damn expensive? you will deprive yourself of the food that you love to eat, and yet you will spend serious money out of it? Completely nonsense.

Losing weight does not require you to spend serious cash – maybe it’s main purpose is for you to lose money so you won’t have enough left for food, then you will start to lose weight. LOL. Kidding aside, if you want to lose weight, you need to start eating moderately. It is true that diet foods such as oats, brown or red rice, white meat, wheat breads are great for losing weight, but how can you afford those stuff if you have a strict budget?

If you are a hefty eater before you gain weight, maybe you will start to eat moderately to lose weight. See everything has it’s opposite, in order to get out of a hole, you should do the opposite of what you have done to get out – just as simple as that. If you want to red meat, go ahead and eat red meat, but do not be a glutton. If you are a heavy drinker before you gain your buddha belly, maybe you need to drink moderately or if possible, stay away from alcoholic beverages especially beers! If you are a sweets lover like my Tina, maybe you should cut off your usual intake of chocolates in order for you to trim that fat.

I love food and I have a belly to prove that, for me we do not have to deprive ourselves of the meals that we love to eat in order to lose weight, we just have to remember that Gluttony is one of the deadliest sins. So eat well and start to sweat up! Get your fat ass out and do some exercise!


Home Made Sweetness!

Baking is such a hard chore for those who don’t have enough time or equipment. If you’re a sweets lover and a person who also loves to create stuff but doesn’t have the right equipment,  here’s what you need to do – get in the kitchen and make your own refrigerator cake!

This simple pastry doesn’t require you to be a great chef nor have entered a culinary school, all you need to have is a refrigerator, and PHP200. And oh, a lot of love of course to make it more sweeter! Here are the ingredients:

* 2 packs Graham crackers

* 1 pack of crushed grahams

* 3 cans of condensed milk

* 1 pack of all purpose cream

* 2 to 3 bananas / Mangoes / Pineapples

* Margarine 5 – 10 teaspoons

First, mix margarine with crushed grahams. Do so until the mix has already thickens. when ready, place mixture on a baking pan (Should serve as crust). Secondly, pour mixtures of condensed milk and all purpose cream on top of the crushed graham mix. After doing so, add your preferred fruit all over and cover it with whole graham crackers. Please repeat the process until you achieve your desired number of layers. After completing the whole process, put it in your freezer and wait overnight. The result – home made goodness made simple!

A Treat For Your Sweet Tooth

Almost half of my life, I always thought that I am a lactose intolerant. I avoided almost all sweets in the fear of having milk on it. Dairy products, cakes and pastries are definiltely not part of my menu. That until I met Tina, the woman I truly love, my inspiration, the future mother of my kids,the one who thought me how to eat sweets, and the one who made me realize that I am not a loactose intolerant.

Come lunch break, we decided to grab a bite on one of the restaurants in Eastwood City, Libis named Tsoko Nut. they have a variety of different Filipino Cuisines and Desserts. I ordered a usual Dinuguan meal. Tina, being a sweets lover, ordered a Champorado. For those who don’t know what that is, it is a combination of cooked rice and chocolate powder and milk. Tsoko Nut’s recipe is kind of different. The meal has a very thick texture, almost not absorbing the milk at all. The taste is more like a dark chocolate that has been melted and cooked along with the rice. Very Tasty.

Another one is the Leche Flan Cake. As you all can see, it’s not your ordinary Leche Flan because it is made of flour. Kind of confusing on how it is made but yes, it sure does tastes like the ordinary pastry that we Filipinos love only this time, it is baked like an ordinary cake. Not bad for a pastry lover. It sure is something to look forward to when you visit the Philippines.

Unique Creations

We Filipinos are really creative in many ways. That includes our way of cooking. We are able to adapt different ways of cooking from different nations that have been part of our history. Spanish, American, Chinese and Japanese. Though we have some foreign influences, we still have our own cuisenes.

If you are not a Filipino, you might find deep fried pig skin weird, but yes, we do have that one. When you are a health consious, you would decline the opportinity to try this one out because it is filled with cholesterol, perfect for gaining weight and high blood pressure but hell, we will only live once why not try something that is out of the ordinary.

If you are a Jew or Muslim, you will find this one sinful. How about serving pig’s blood for dinner? Yes, pig’s blood and internal organs or flesh cooked under medium temperature. Surprisingly, despite the weird ingredients, it is an entising meal if you prefer exotic cuisines. It may not be included to a fine dining restaurant’s menu, its the uniqueness that sells it. It comes great with rice or “Puto”, a local pastry.

Those unique cuisines are not like the ordinaries that you can find in an average restaurant, but as mentioned above, its the uniqueness that sells it.

Freshly Cooked

If you want to know how fresh fish tastes like, you should choose the fresh catch. Just as simple as that. LOL. A popular seafood restaurant in Libis, Quezon City called “Dampa” is the place to be for people who prefer to hand pick their raw meats and have them cooked right away.

You can choose from different kinds of fish to marinated meat, name it, they have it. Choose your meat and tell the chef  how you want them to be cooked, after 15 minutes or so, dinner is served. Nothing can be fresher than that.

You can choose from Filipino, Chinese, American, Mexican, or Japanese cuisines as long as the ingredients are available. The market part of the restaurant is just like the ordinaries, the only difference is meats are a bit pricey compared to the markets downtown, but they are equally fresh. You may not have a fine dining experience, violin playing as you eat, or butlers popping an expensive wine for you, the fact that you have hand picked what you are about to put in your stomach makes you want to forget about the fanciness and go for simple, yet fun way of dining.

Go Mexican

Being famous for Low Riders, Mexicans are also famous for their distinct cuisines. If you love spices, you should definitely go Mexican. Hundreds of years ago, their Spanish counterparts have landed here in the Philippines in search for spices, now they have stood up to what they came here for – in a good way.

A mixture of blonde taste with a twist of spiciness, it is more like a cross between American and Middle eastern / Indian dishes. Try eating a chicken that has been marinated on a curry like spice, (a recipe that restaurant owner would not broadcast) the result would be addicting.

It comes great with a curry rice or tortilla, dipping it to a spicy salsa would definitely do the job. Your mind and your stomach would definitely not agree with each other because your belly says stop, while your mind says go!